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About PlasmaVapors

Welcome! We at are dedicated to providing the highest quality e liquid for a price that everyone will appreciate. Plasma Vapors began in beautiful British Columbia, Canada as a result of frustration with other vendors in the market, their prices were too high and the flavor was either “not quite there” or it tasted chemically or perfumey. Questions and concerns regarding safety of ingredients in e liquid were being ignored by vendors. We as a vaping community are growing ever more discerning regarding the quality of the products we purchase.

Plasma Vapors decided we could produce higher quality products than our competitors and make vaping a more enjoyable experience. Years of research have gone into developing this line of e liquids. Proper health and safety measures were paid close attention to. As a result of tedious and thorough research and development we have eliminated the "I’m done with vaping blues" that is associated with being stuck with e juice that tastes chemically, is dry or perfumey or loses flavor over time.

The chemically taste we eliminated by ensuring or premium e liquids contain no artificial sweeteners. The most commonly used sweetener is sucralose. Health conscious persons know to avoid this product but alas vendors seemed unwilling or even ignorant as to if there product contained this poison. After researching the MSDS of this product we found that sucralose is not a safe sweetener for e liquids as it breaks down into some nasty chemicals compounds including hydrogen chloride and at high heat applications produces dioxins which are used in chemical weaponry, not something you want to be inhaling! Plasma vapors assures its customers that we do NOT use artificial sweetener in our liquids and as a result our products are not plagued but the underlying chemically taste that most of us have had the ill fortune to experience.

Ethyl Maltol is another commonly used artificial `sweetener``. Sweetener is in parenthesis because although this product may create a sweetening effect in the beginning it is actually intended as a flavor modifier and is often used in the food industry as they sprinkle it over meat to mask any unpleasant odors. The effect of this artificial chemical on e juice is that although it makes it sweeter it can mask either the high note of a flavor known as `heads`` or the low note know as the ``tails``. Over a period of time Ethyl Maltol can all but eliminate a flavor leaving that muted taste we all dislike. We at plasma vapors do NOT use Ethyl Maltol and as a result our flavors are not only well rounded and robust but our e liquids do not lose flavor or mute out over time increasing shelf life for those of us that like to hoard no savour our e juice ;)

 The arrrggg tastes.......dry. problem with many e liquids is a result of vendors adding artificial colouring to their products. We at Plasma Vapors have eliminated any and all artificial colour from our premium liquid line. As a result our recommended 70% VG 30% PG blend is smooth and enjoyable. If throat hit is your thing we have got you covered as you are welcome to select one of our higher PG blends.

Now on to the it Tastes like :(  problem. Years of research and development have gone into eliminating the perfumey or flowering aspect that many brands of e liquid are plagued by. Plasma Vapors premium line of flavors are sourced from all over the world eliminating the unsavory flavorings and using only the finest quality flavorings in optimal amounts to ensure a full burst of flavor without any unwelcome aftertastes.